バングラデシュのMawlana Bhashani工科大学で情報工学を修め、日本のスマートフォン開発会社でアンドロイド部門の各種プロジェクトを担当。現在はブロックチェーン技術の領域を視野に各種開発に専心。

  • Q1

    What is the reason to choose Glodenway Japan?

    I was looking for new opportunity where I can explore new things with challenge. I was eagerly interested to learn new things also interested in financial area.
    Glodenway Japan has great reputation is Forex industry as well as Fintech. It is renowned domestic Forex Company. FXTrade has long history of leadership in the Forex industry.
    A friend of mine working in FXTrade also told me that the culture, learning and work environment is so mild. So I select Glodenway Japan for my next career.

  • Q2

    What do you think about the corporate culture of Glodenway Japan?

    It's been around 1 year, I am working in Glodenway Japan and I found that office environment is very friendly. Both from working perspective and personal relationship. Almost every department are sitting very close. So communication among department is very fast. And it helps to gather information so quick and also help to fix any issue faster.
    As a development engineer, this kind of faster communication is really helpful.

  • Q3

    Tell us your career building in Glodenway Japan?

    As mentioned earlier, I have been working here around 1 year, in this short time, I have worked in several challenging project. Successfully completed two project in VC++ which was quite difficult as a new member. Worked in existing project to add several new features which was developed using JAVA, JNI, and C++.
    In addition, worked in existing PHP CRM project, WordPress project as a maintenance engineer. Also learned cloud based server maintenance.
    Last but not the least, currently working on Cryptocurrency development which is a very latest technology.

  • Q4

    Tell us about your future goals?

    Glodenway Japan is a Forex company and I am working as a Fintech engineer. It is interesting and challenging to work as Fintech engineer. So I would like to continue my career with Fintech and explore more. I want to work on Cryptocurrency and this is a new platform of challenge.